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We have always dreamt of living by the sea. Our years-long search and research brought us to Lummi Island. Part of this process was to find someone with a deep understanding of the island, a passion to make our dream happen and to have the realtor skills to direct the process while we sat 1800 miles to the east in Wisconsin. Enter Angie, and Lummi Island Realty.  From our initial meeting, to sitting at the signing, she was omnipresent. Have a question--no problem. Have a roadblock--she will help find a path. The home that we bought wasn't on the market, but she knew that the owners may have an interest in selling. They did, and we now own our dream of living by the sea. Thanks, Angie, for being our dream catcher.

—Jim & Pam Einhauser


Angie was my purchasing agent for the first acreage lot I bought on Lummi Island. From the time we met she was able to understand quickly what kind of lot I was looking for, and within a few stops took me to my dream property.  While showing me this diamond in the rough, she was a real trooper in fighting back the blackberries and traipsing through the thick undergrowth. Once I settled on buying the lot, Angie was as tough a negotiator as I want her to be, and was able to bring the price down to what I thought was fair. All through the process (even though I was working at sea on the other side of the planet), she kept me informed and updated, and things moved on schedule.  I was so pleased that I never hesitated in choosing her when I bought my second lot next door to the first.

—Klayton Curtis

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We were fortunate to have Angie as our agent when we were looking to buy a home on Lummi. She very patiently showed us around the island, and provided trusted insight as we weighed our options. We had two young children with us while looking at Lummi properties, so I'm sure we were not the most quiet or flexible clients, yet Angie did not seem disturbed in the least. We heartily recommend Angie.

—Catherine Maxson & Greg Lewis


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my true joy with Angie Dixon!  Our first purchase as homeowners was an unbelievable experience. The choice came while we were living in a fifth wheel with our infant and felt that it was time to make a decision that would affect us positively for the rest of our lives.  We had planned and saved for a year to put a down payment on our first home, and when I contacted Angie Dixon, she was more than willing to work with us as our realtor, giving us the information to get our pre-approval letter set up with her contacts.  We were excited, scared, and nervous about what the process could be or would be. Her referral to the right bank and loan rep was spot on, and we felt comfortable the moment we handed over our credit history and were approved.

The following three months was a roller coaster ride. We didn't just want to buy a first house that we would later sell or expand.  We wanted to buy our home, the place we would raise our children in, and the place that would hold our memories. Through sellers backing out, tears, frustration about finding the right house, and a limited loan, we finally were able to purchase our home.  Angie put numerous hours into discussing options with us, feeling out what direction we want to go in, and processing paperwork. She did this with a bright smile and professionalism. I would kindheartedly recommend Angie Dixon to anyone looking to buy or sell. You will feel comfortable with her walking through your home, giving you an honest opinion, searching for your dream home, and make sure that all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted.Thank you so much for being a part of our next journey into our new life in our new home!

—Mallory & Dan Hamilton

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Angie is a competent, energetic and compassionate realtor! I had worked with her broker, Colleen, for years, but when I spotted my new home, and Colleen was unavailable, I chose her partner, Angie. Angie worked around my weak computer skills and hand-delivered paperwork from Lummi Island to town. Calls were quickly returned, details and desires were remembered. Our communication was effective and enjoyable. However, I was most impressed by her skill in preparing and presenting my initial offer which was below the asking price. I believe the seller accepted because of Angie's presentation and market awareness! When I sell my income property, there is no doubt Angie will handle that sale as well!

—Elizabeth Barlow


Angie has been a joy to work with! She has been very helpful, promptly finding answers to our questions, and providing useful information that I wouldn't necessarily expect from a realtor. I found her to be extremely professional, but pleasingly warm, approachable, and not at all overbearing. She responded to our needs thoroughly and timely!

—from Sue Aspelund


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Working with Lummi Island Realty has been a pleasure every step of the way. Angie's courteous, positive and professional attitude reflects well for her company and kept us confident that we made the right decision. If there was something she didn't know, she'd get back to us quickly with the information we needed. During the negotiations between us and the buyers it was easy to become sidetracked. Angie helped us stay focused on what was important to achieve our objective. She is a good mediator, as well as a communicator.

—Vince Spucces & Amy Shavelson

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