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Your local island experts.

Lummi Island Realty

Your local island experts.

The Lummi Island Realty Team

We’re a team of long-term island residents, and we operate the island's only local realty office.  As specialists in Lummi Island real estate and full-time islanders, we provide personal insight into island living for visitors and home-owners alike.

We endeavor to give you the best possible service, whether you are buying or selling a home on Lummi Island.  As members of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, we have access to comprehensive information on all island listings, and we can show you any property of interest.  As full-time islanders, we're also in a unique position to answer your questions about Lummi Island living and our community.  When we meet with you, we’ll provide you with a detailed Buyers Packet, which includes a guide to local businesses, an island map, a description of our services and the buying process, as well as information on the island's total real estate inventory. Our office, open by appointment only, is located just behind the Lummi Island Post Office.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you around this beautiful island.

Search island properties here or learn more about the Lummi Island community here.


Colleen McCrory, owner and designated broker for Lummi Island Realty LLC

Colleen McCrory

Owner/Designated Broker

I established Lummi Island Realty LLC in 2006 because I wanted to concentrate on Lummi Island real estate exclusively.  As an island resident, I can bring island buyers and sellers a depth of understanding of island living that is invaluable in facilitating island real estate transactions.

Before moving to Lummi Island in 1991, I’d worked in residential real estate in Seattle since 1979. Prior to that, I taught junior high school for 8 years at the first alternative school established in Seattle. When I first moved to Lummi Island, I sold veggies out of the back of my truck with other island gardeners.  Talk about a good way to get to know our island community!

My decades of living on Lummi Island have nurtured an intense interest in organic gardening and devotion to my cashmere goats, Shetland sheep, llamas and alpacas (a case of city girl gone hopelessly country). Today my herd is small, but the rewards that come from working with animals have never lessened.     

For me, leaving the city for a life on Lummi Island was my answer to a deep need to connect with Nature. The mountains, water, islands, and land dazzle the eye, soothe the soul and create a lifestyle that is shaped by intimate experience with the natural world.    

Recently, after 30+ years in real estate, I’ve shifted my focus to working primarily with sellers, as well as nurturing the success of our team, our messaging, and our clients.  



Angie Dixon

Managing Broker 

I became a realtor in 2005, and I joined Lummi Island Realty shortly after that in 2006. In 2009, I became a licensed managing broker.  I work with buyers and sellers on island, and in addition to my service on Lummi, I also work on the mainland through referrals.  I’ve always been drawn to helping others through major life transitions. In fact, I was a certified doula before I started my career in real estate. I do my very best to bring honesty, integrity, and clear communication to each and every one of my client relationships.  I love a challenge and enjoy when, at the end of a transaction, everyone involved feels that their needs were met.  I take to heart that my clients are entrusting me to help them with one of the biggest financial decisions they will make.  At the end of each transaction, my hope is that my clients walk away feeling that I did everything in my power to guide, educate and counsel them to make the best decisions they could have made.

I first moved to Lummi Island in 2001. I love how quiet, safe and serene it is living here. I’m drawn to the wildness, the dark (no street lights, just starry sky), the rich connection to nature, and, of course, all of the wonderful people I consider a big family.  This island teaches what community and connection mean in so many ways. I am grateful to have raised my sons in such a tight knit home where they are known and valued.

Being able to share my insight about island living, our island community, and the local school, as well as my knowledge of island property and neighborhoods, is an important part of the service that I offer to those thinking of making a move to Lummi Island.


Serena Dabney, broker with Lummi Island Realty LLC.
Serena Dabney has a love for boats and working on the water.

Serena Dabney


I’ve lived on Lummi Island with my husband and two dogs since 2011, and I became a broker with the Lummi Island Realty team in 2017.  Before beginning my career in real estate, I spent my summers as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. My love for boats, and working on the water, led me to become part of the Lummi Island ferry crew in 2016. As the daughter of a real estate broker, I have always been interested in real estate; I feel that helping people find their island home is not only gratifying, it allows me to share with others this amazing place I call home.


Ed Lowe, photographer for Lummi Island Realty LLC.

Ed Lowe


I graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography, and I’ve been working as a commercial photographer in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 40 years. Over the last several years, I’ve had the privilege of working with the staff at Lummi Island Realty photographing this beautiful island and its homes and properties. The true beauty of living on Lummi Island is not the incredible landscapes, which inspire me every day, but the kind and generous people that live here.

As our team photographer, Ed takes high-quality professional photos of each listing's interior and exteriors, as well as drone aerials. His photos are featured in the videos on our website, our property flyers, the in-store Islander display, and the Northwest Multiple Listing Association, as well as all the real estate search engines nationwide. You can view more of Ed’s work at his online portfolio.

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